About Fragile
Planet Wildlife

Who We Are

Fragile Planet Wildlife Center is striving to become the next hidden gem of Cameron County, TX. Wildlife tourist attractions can be found throughout the Rio Grande Valley, but Fragile Planet will stand out above the rest. Fragile Planet offers visitors the rare opportunity to get up close and personal to some of the world’s most beautiful species of animals.

Fragile Planet is not a mainstream tourist attraction or a zoo. We are a wildlife center specializing in the care and needs of animals from around the world. Animals arrive at Fragile Planet for a variety of reasons. Once here, they serve a very special role as ambassadors for their species.Your visit will enlighten you on the plight of a variety of species, including those that are classified as endangered or threatened.

Our Mission

Our Center was developed as a resource to our community, and we depend on our community to help us as well. Although FPWC is a wildlife center, it’s important that we communicate to our friends, family, supporters, and our community what it is that benefits them!

Our Mission: “To connect people to the natural world through creating experiences that engage our guests, provide innovative educational opportunities, and instill a passion in the next generation as stewards for our future. We want to inspire our guests to love, engage with, and to protect animals and their habitats in the wild. Through this we will continue our fight for conservation.”

We Strive To Do The Following:

Creating experiences that engage our guests

Unlike a traditional zoo where animals are either far away, our animals are viewed up-close and personal. We want our community to not only love us, but to love the animals that call Fragile Planet their home as well. 

Provide innovative educational opportunities

Chalk boards don’t exist in nature, so they don’t exist in our educational platform! We provide interactive, personal, and educational opportunities to provide a better understanding of the animals. You’ll never know just how wiry a sloth’s hair is until you pet it, or how smooth a snake it until you hold it, or how long an anteater’s tongue is until you see it eat! 

Instill a passion in the next generation

Through providing educational outreach to schools, libraries, and during community events, Fragile Planet Wildlife Center works hard to win the hearts of our students – regardless of age!

Community Engagement

Fragile Planet Wildlife Center also engages with other aspects of the community, though maybe not directly related to our guests:


United States Fish & Wildlife

Fragile Planet works with the USFW in an effort to provide housing, and in some cases, a permanent home to wildlife that fall victim to smuggling.


Law Enforcement and Public Health 

We work with local law enforcement agencies, and the health departments as the need arises. Fragile Planet has conducted educational programming for the Texas Environmental Health Association where information is disseminated among biologists, animal control, nurses, doctors, and many others. We will answer the call when we are needed in an effort to keep not only our human friends safe in the community, but our animal friends as well. 


Wildlife Rescue

Sometimes the organization is contacted by government officials to assist with the re-homing and rescue of animals that have been abused, neglected, or otherwise placed in a traumatic or dangerous situation.  


…the list of our efforts could go on and on. We invite you to contact us, ask us questions, and get answers! We look forward, as always, to working with our community!