How to Support
Fragile Planet Wildlife


Please join Fragile Planet in providing a safe and comfortable home for our animals by making a charitable donation. Your donation will support the ongoing health, diet, and care our animals receive, the continuing build-out of our expanded quarters and the educational message we spread about the importance of threatened and endangered animals. Your donation will help us provide both day-to-day and long-term security for our growing family, and better facilities to be able to visit them. 


Fragile Planet is not a mainstream tourist attraction or a zoo. We are a wildlife center specializing in the care and needs of animals from around the world. Animals arrive at Fragile Planet for a variety of reasons. Once here, they serve a very special role as ambassadors for their species.Your visit will enlighten you on the plight of a variety of species, including those that are classified as endangered or threatened.

Wildlife Toy Box

Only through the generous donations of caring people like you can Fragile Planet continue its outstanding care for its residents. Each of our amazing animals has special dietary needs to keep them healthy and vibrant. However, in addition to a specialized and well-formulated diet to keep them fit and physically, our animals need to stay mentally healthy as well. Wildlife Toy Box is our online amazon wishlist full of materials, supplies, and toys to help keep our animals in the most healthy state of mind possible. Follow the link below to Amazon to see what kind of items our animals could really get into!


Did you also know that our animals aren’t picky? They’re more than happy to play with used toys! Some of those materials include fleece blankets, swings, and miscellaneous baby toys. If you have an idea or some old toys you might not need anymore – send us an email with a description of the toy along with a picture and one of our animal care experts will get back to you at their earliest convenience to let you know if its animal safe! 

Sponsor an Exhibit

Did you some financial contributions are enough to earn your namesake on one of our animal exhibits? It’s a great way to not only help provide care for the animals but this particular donation gets your very own plaque adhered to the exhibit of your choice! A Sponsorship is also a great way to help us provide homes to rescue animals that are removed from potentially hazardous conditions where they have may been abused, neglected, or housed illegally. These animals need homes and YOU can help us provide them just that!

Adopt an Animal

Do you have that one animal or species that you’re just absolutely drawn to? Is there an individual you’ve just fallen in love with? And you want to help ensure THAT individual will have all its need met for the years to come? Although our animals are always in safe and humane care, you can symbolically adopt said animal for a chance to provide that animal all its basic care needs. Each animal is eligible for multiple adoption opportunities. Wild animals are not cheap nor easy to house properly, it is incredibly time consuming and expensive. By allowing our animals the opportunity to be adopted by multiple people ensure their needs are always and forever met without hesitation. 

Fragile Planet is a Registered Domestic Nonprofit Corporation in the State of Texas, File Number 803611523. A copy of the official state registration and information may be obtained from the Office of the Secretary of the State by calling 512-463-5555.